how to do fast ranking of website with algo ranking

How to Rank for a keyword fast? (Simple Mindset)

Do you want to rank organically in the fastest way and stable for a long time? Most New SEO, don’t know the main algo of search engines. I will not waste your time on many explanations and staff to confuse you.


Straight to the point.

I have been doing SEO since 2016 and I found out the easiest and fast way to Rank a website without any backlinks and without any extra things. Once you learned this fact, everything will be easy for you.

  • Bring Only relevant traffic to your Website.
  • Sources can be anything like Facebook (groups, pages, Ads), Niche related forums, and Comments. OR WHATEVER YOU GOT.
  • Get more traffic – get a faster Ranking.

What relevant traffic will do to your website?

  • Bounce rate will be improved – Top ranking factor
  • Visitors will love your website and revisit your brand name.
  • Users will interact with more pages of the website.
  • Google Crawler will visit your site more and increase the ranking.

What are the top requirements to apply?

  • Improve the Presentation of the website
  • Improve UX and user experience.
  • Add more visuals (images, videos).
  • Add unique plagiarism-free, high-quality content.
  • Add Schema
  • Make SILO structure of the website (with navigation or interlinking)